07 December 2012

the end of the world.

One of the coolest people I know has introduced an interesting challenge, The December 2012 End of the World Improvement Challenge. I accept! It's for the greater good so I suggest that you accept the challenge because it's never too late.

So... the world is apparently going to end on December 21, 2012. What are your thoughts? I realized that I'm too involved with a bunch of other things that I don't give it much thought. However, thanks to Dr. Radziwill, I like all things quality and self-improvement is a way to improve the quality of me! Anyways, let's get in the habit of improving at least one thing a day between now and the much hyped "end of the world." How do I improve? What do I improve? Where do I start? These answers are up to you. When it comes to self-improvement, there's no right or wrong way to achieve success as long as it is right for you. This improvement challenge is not limited to yourself. You can help someone else improve something as long as you or that someone feels good/better.

How will you improve something today?

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